Tuesday, April 18

Going crazy - fast

D is busy being her normal helpful, strong and dizzy self. I’m putting on kilo’s too fast because she insists on feeding me twice a day whilst my body, for most of my too long a life, was used to only one major meal daily. I like food – if its there, I eat it. For me, the solution is to cut out one of the meals. For her, the solution is too still eat twice a day but just a little less. Impossible most of the time, and only my cats benefit from the bonus left overs they get thrown daily.

What is it with kids these days? Where is personal responsibility? Is it the fault of the parents (and I include myself in this category) or today’s culture and expectations; Or, both?
My son, living with me here now, is 25. He can drive me crazy. I support him in all I can and in board and lodgings, an office and internet access, and more. Will he help me run the rental business from which we both get our income? No. So will he take care minimising my expenses such as his mobile? No. When finished his (successful but part time and largely unpaid) work will he do anything more than eat the food I provide, lie on the sofa and watch satellite TV? No. Will he lock a door at night? No. Will he leave all lights blazing at bedtime? Yes. Will he insist on having his ‘personal space’ within the living room and on and by the coffee table, where he can keep his shoes, his coat, his work folders, his fags, his drinks, his papers, his life? Of course he will. His bedroom and bathroom could embarrass a Brazilian slum dweller, with his clothes in a bundled heap on floors or in cupboards, the bathroom basin (rarely in the cupboard above) often contain my toothpaste tube, toothbrush, my brush, my used soap, my hair gel, my after shave lotion, sometimes even odd socks and more. I know many young men today are like this, my friends tell me.
Does it make me old, to talk and think like this?
Am I odd?
At his age I was working, starting a family, looking after my Mother financially, and more. Am I a boring old fart who missed out on youth or just an adult wondering what’s changed?


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