Monday, January 23

So who turned the lights off?

Was I the only person alive and outside in the snow this week?
I'd decided that a beautiful snow-draped day deserved an outing from me to The Village.
It did snow and it was quite heavy in The Village, but where was everyone?

The Bank was closed (I didn't have money in it to take out, but I would liked to have just stood in a long queue in anticipation of that day arriving again).
The School was closed, again. Because the bad weather stopped building work on the new school (14 years in progress now). So the schoolkids went on strike. (I wish that'd happen in my day!)
The Cafe' was closed. No electricity.
The Tax Office was closed. No arguments, today then, for me!
Even the police normally hiding with their speed guns, in the same obvious layby by the same motorway, had gone absent.

I heard that, by and large, the governments preperations for the bad weather worked well. So what went wrong in my Village?

My Greek teacher had no work for the day, so she did a treble lesson with me, instead.
I believe she's a Sadist. She had time to set me 105 verbs, and order me to decline all of them in all 8 tenses. Sο what started as a good day ended up a real grouchy, moody, pain in my head, wish I hadn't started day.

But I made a high. I spoke to the Directorate for Services (Dept. B) for VPR tax, in Athens, to clarify the argument I'm having with my 4th new accountant of whether my invoices should carry VPR or not. I believe work done outside the EU for citizens or business entities shouldn't carry tax, but he insists otherwise. I had previously visited 2 major tax offices in the City to get clarification, and all I had got were shrugs. The Experts!
The Directorate for Services (Dept B) in Athens confirmed my opinion. I had won. But this small victory of saneness over madness was pyrrhic, as my accountant promptly claimed money for work done to date. No problem with that, until I asked for a reciept and he answered that the charges would be 40% higher if he provided one. VPR and another tax combined. (What other tax?) So I got a post-it-note receipt instead.

And my mood promptly worsened when I found I had no electricity at home, and still haven't, and am working in the dark. Like, it seems, much of the time, here.


Blogger The SeaWitch said...

Hi Qick! I found your blog through Ellas Devil. I've enjoyed reading most of you posts and your experiences from bribes to hypochondria to miscreant accountants and have come to the conclusion that we are one and the same person. LOL

In the beginning, people always told me that I would get used to the backasswards way of doing things here but unfortunately, that hasn't been the case. After 8 years here, I find I'm more and more irritated by the endless bureacracy, incompetence and ineptitute. It's difficult being a foreigner, almost impossible to be a foreigner trying to run a business here.

I look forward to reading more of your experiences here though. You've got a wonderful perspective on the life around you and you relay it well to your readers. I will be back for more updates so keep blogging!

31 January, 2006  
Blogger qickrush said...

God! You've been 8 years here! At the rate I'm losing my patience with almost everything, sounds almost a life sentence!

31 January, 2006  
Blogger Brit47 said...

I also been here 7 years and live on island, seems every winter we have roads up, water or electric off nearly every week.
People just seem to take it in their stride, tourists can't comprehend what we go thru in the winter months.

18 February, 2006  

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