Monday, January 2

The New Me this year

My New Years Resolutions.
1. Be kind to my Brother. Rather than let him think up another way to seperate me from my money, just gift him my cheque book signed with post-dated blank cheques. It's less stressful for both of us, and at least I can plan my finances better this way.
2. Drink more designer cappaccino at the most expensive Greek cafe's I can find.
What would I and everyone else do everyday if they ended up going out of business?
3. Stop playing tennis. Or rather, stop being so competitive when playing tennis. A half-demented - shouting - McEnroe-like - 50- something who never gives up isn't a pretty sight for any spectators and makes my opponent nervous. It's not war.
4. Be less compulsive-obssesive. Accept it's OK to be shouted at by a public servant. It's OK to pay someone for doing hardly anything. It's OK to bribe someone. It's OK when my Albanian gardener continues to decapitate my sprinkler heads with the lawn mower. It's good that my OTE internet connection hasn't failed again. When a Greek says " trust me, we wear trousers", Trust him.
5. Be the real me. When I'm stopped in my car by the Greek police, stop acting the stupid englishman abroad. When I'm called by the english tax authorities, stop acting the half-Greek.
6. Pay more bribes. It's not about the money or the principle, it's about less angst.
7. Remember my new years resolutions.


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