Friday, January 20

I have nothing worth saying

I've been back nearly 2 weeks now, but hadn't posted anything. I haven't been in the proper frame of mind, and never wanted this to be a daily journal. But I've had a few emailed comments now, and am starting to feel under some pressure to do something here. All I've got is a few thoughts in my head I may post later next week, and the row I had with my accountant and the taxman this week. It's the usual Greek tax storyline. One of the things I do here is run a (unprofitable) new internet site. And the accounts for 04 confirm the story.

But the taxman doesn't believe. He insists I should be making money. And so he insists I should pay some taxes to reflect the fact I should be making money. He doesn't understand the words 'business model' as that every new interent business model says 'it'll initially lose money', or the words 'risk/reward' as in yes, its risky, losing this money, but the reward may be bigger in the longer term. There's more. He doesn't understand VPR either, and when I tell him the rules change for doing business outside the EU, he disagrees. When I give him the Govt. booklets on same, he refuses to read them. When I show him printouts from the internet research I've done, he disbelieves them.

He's stupid, ignorant, jobsworth, and incompetent. A fool. And probably wants a bribe, but I refuse to give it to him. I'll probably adjust my accounts to reflect a different scenario, one less tax damaging. And of course, in doing so, I'll merely be following what many Greeks already do. Cheat the rules because of incompetence and ignorance and corruption. Which just reinforces the existing culture, just spirals everything further away from the proper objectives, just reduces the overall tax take further. But I'll do it, anyway.

My lemon trees won't grow lemons. It's been 2 years now. I've checked and they are real lemon trees. I bought a book back from London, found the pictures and descriptions and spent a freezing cold early morning checking out each tree against the pictures I had. They're genuine, all right. So they must be protesting, in denial, of something, but what I can't imagine. And I'm not to clear on what to do next. Talk to them and hug them? Kick 'em? Rub a rind on them? I'm told I have to propogate them. Anyone out there a lemon expert?

I returned to find one of my friends had a cancer scare over Xmas (and sweetly didn't tell me in London so not to ruin my break). She had an Xray, and the Doctor reviewing the photo gave her the all - clear just as a mutual friend, another doctor, arrived at the clinic for a seperate appointment. Interested, he checked the pics too, and immediately told her to pack a bag and go to Athens and see a specialist. Right away. That day.
She did, was confirmed with a cancerous growth, had an immediate op, and has now been given a provisional all clear.
And the mistaken Doctor? Turns out she studied in Rumania. It's 'easier' there to qualify, apparently, though it costs a lot of money. Know what I mean?

And another friend finally agreed to start dating a man, someone who had been chasing her for months with invitations on trips, small presents, the ocassional flowers or chocs (he's old fashioned, and old). The sex was great, she reports, the best she's ever had. Until he started beating on her by slapping her face hard and harder. Then he started arriving with a whip.
He tells her all men do this stuff. I tell her to leave him, tell his wife, and tell the police.

Told you I had nothing to say. I'm boring myself, too.


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