Thursday, December 29

Waste your time

It occurred to me, watching my english friends over Xmas, how I'd previously learnt to plan everything and live my previous live according to what I had to do, should do, must do. And feel guilty if I didn't.
As if I was wasting the day.
I even planned when not to do anything.
Y'know, "between 18:00-19:00, I'm gonna read a book" sort of planning. And that I'd unleart how to... do nothing.
And then it struck me that it's more of an English thing, this planning. The Greek's, they plan everything but don't mean it. 18:00 means.....the evening. Today means...sometime.
"Do you wanna' go to the cinema in 2 hours time" can often get the response "I'll see.." or "I don't know, I'll think about it...".
Tomorrows a week ahead, a month an eon.
So with them New Years Eve is a special time - you can get them about next year when it's only hours away.


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