Monday, October 17

I'M TURNING INTO a Greek-Person

I'm turning into a Greek-Person.

I know this because:

I've suddenly got lots of cousins I never knew I had before.
I sleep in the afternoon's.
I go for coffee every, and several times, a day.
I'm friends with my priest.
I've had him to my house to Bless it.
My friends own taverna's, plumbing or paint shops.
If I was a plumber I'd call myself a mechanical engineer.
If I was a builder I'd call myself a civil engineer.
I'm now calling myself a writer.
I blame all my ailments on the ματι (the evil eye).
I blame everything else on the Government.
I play with a koboloi, even though I don't know how to use it.
I know all the gossip.
I seem to know everyone.
My nights out finish in the morning.
I drink coffee slowly, while smoking.
I desperately want to get a job in the public sector.
I now cheat openly, and I'm getting proud of it.
I go out almost every night, even if penniless.
I now know how to spend better, and have forgotten how to save.
I never visit others empty handed.
I always make it, even if it's the last moment.
I blame all the wrongs in Greece on the Turks.
I recognise danger better, but I must dare more.
I now know many people who cheat but I never report them.
I'm beginning to always have a solution to a problem, even if illegal.
I am tending to extremes.
I don't mind owing money, for the 1st time in my life.
I play with my mobile phone all day.
I talk on my mobile everywhere, even in restaurants, public toilets and meetings.
I want a new mobile phone every year.
I don't care my car is 4 years old.
My car's interior is my personal filing cabinet.
I don't care my car has dents and scratches on it.
I am avoiding paying taxes.
I am learning to be able to sit and talk in a bar whilst not hearing anything.
I can sip one drink all night long.
I go to private tuition lessons.
I order much more than I can ever eat.
I believe Rules were created to be broken.
I'll drive as I want. It's my road.
I want even more Public Holidays.
My main Greek words are ισος (maybe) and δεν κσερo (I don't know)
I'm beginning to believe Greek's created everything.
Even if I hadn't traveled and seen the World, I'd beginning to believe Greece is the best country in it.

I'm not minding living in a small, and poor, country with mindless bureaucracy because Ι'm also beginning to believe it's full of real people.