Saturday, September 17

She's suing me...

My ex-accountant's suing me. Remember I told you earlier she wouldn't release my papers as I moved on to another? This time one who could doesn't refuse to speak just some english, one who works, one who sees me when I need him.

So my ex (unfortunately that's a common epiphet in my world)asked me (in sudden almost perfect English) to visit her office, where she presented me with a chit of paper with a list in Greek of 'things she's done' and the price. About 1,600 euro.
'But you've done nothing for 9 months' I said to her.
'I can charge what I like' she replied.'
'How can you charge anything for doing nothing?'
'I was here. You weren't. You don't know what I was doing'
'The work, then?'
She tapped her head. 'Up here'. I tapped mine. 'So's my money'.

We'll meet again. In court, I hope.