Thursday, June 16

Greek Ignorance

I've got a new Greek teacher. It's official, I pay her, no favours from friends this time. This time I'm doing it properly. I finished my 5th lesson last week. I have been trying to memorize declension endings for the male, female, and neuter nouns for over a week now and am no closer than when I began. I have spent the last hour just on flash cards (several for singular m/f endings and several for pl. m/f endings) and still can not recite or write them from memory. And this is not the first time I've looked at them. I've gone through all my cards every night this week. Before I started this I could talk, badly. Now, instead, I freeze, as I try to construct the most simple of sentences in my head. 10 - 15 minutes to say the most basic thing. I'm not only not progressing, nor staying still, I'm regressing.

I have tried rhyming memorisation, location memorisation (where you put items about a room), beating my head against the wall, or taking several glasses of wine between sessions. I have also tried rote copying... a lot of rote copying...a lot of rote copying...a lot of rote copying...

At this point I don't have the energy to even pretend I will succeed. Damn the Greeks! Why did they invent one of the hardest languages in the World to learn?
Blame my Mother! Why wasn't I taught by her when I was a child, and vaguely able to assimilate information?


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