Tuesday, April 19

Culture Clash

Dinner between my English and Greek friends can be an enlightening experience.

"Why do you English like to go into trains and throw up on the floor before passing out after a night out? "is an often asked question. Personally, I don’t know. I rarely travelled on trains in England.

"It’s called binge drinking" I explain.

"But why don’t you like to enjoy a drink? Just to drink it, slowly?"

"Well, we like to work hard. We don’t get out that often, we have few public holidays, we never (well, hardly ever) strike, so when we do we get out for fun we ….well, just go a little crazy" is a good stock answer.

Followed by ‘And why do you Greek’s take years to get things done, never queue, and bribe everyone for anything’?

‘Because we love life. It’s too important to wait for it to happen, so we put off the unimportant, break rules - for they're meant to be broken, won't wait, and cut corners. And accept the inevitable.


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