Saturday, March 26

What a depressing day

Here I am, having invested much of my new life and a not inconsiderable sum of money into a startup internet business here, and finding out too late there is no internet to speak of, here.
It’s not true, as I believed, that there are 1.3 million people accessing the web. They’re accessing the Web, mainly, from workplaces. And, mainly at lunchtime. And, only for an hour or so. And with an average 157 persons per workplace connection. So that makes it….err……something closer to 77 than 1.3 million people. And it certainly feels like it from our latest site statistics.

For someone who’s worked in corporate strategy and planning for years, I suspect I’ve made the biggest, stupidest, dumbest, most ignorant, cock-up I’ve ever made. Fine. We all do that. But why on my money? Why not years ago on corporate money

I suppose every cloud has its silver lining – 77 people is almost 90% penetration. We’ll put that in our next press release!OK. Fine. I’ll wait 23 more years for profitability. It’s only my money.

As the man who complained to me about the fly inside his pc moniter said, 'I’d surf more if I was connected to a phone line’ And the fly? It was his mouse cursor.


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