Thursday, January 6

New Beginnings

I thought I should tell you a little more about where I live, and some more about me, just in case anybody's bothering to read this stuff. If you've bothered, then maybe you deserve to know more.

My World is a small Greek village from now on, known as, The Village.
I arrived 2 years ago.
My plan was to buy, and rebuild, a house I knew of. To stop chasing the stress of London. To start a new internet-business idea I had. Maybe, to write some........
Like all plans, my plan went wrong.
More on this later, perhaps...

Here is here, because I used to come as a child, holidaying. Time diverged and I grew up, but I always remembered the place and visiting the house that I'm now taking on. Achilles, apparently, was from around here, too. (Clue?) Great name dropping.

My house sits high on a hill overlooking The Village, and from my terrace I can sit and see the sea and distant mountains. The area is rural. Olives trees. Nearby beaches. Sea. Cafe's , bars, taverna's all around, but ohhh, soooo much privacy in my house and gardens. I like it here.
I think I do.

I'm the only foreigner around. I can't blend in 'cos I don't speak Greek.

In a land where few have passports, I'm a King of experiences, but it's pretty useless because no one understands me.

I have Huge plans for my house, but I lack the Huge funds to deliver them all now. One wall at at a time, I guess..

So I spend my time trying to buy my house. Making my plans. Starting my business.

And now, time spent writing this blog. In betweeen the times when I'm dealing with the madness around me. I not going to clever about the writing. I can't be clever about my writing, I'm not clever enough. Don't even know if I'll retain the stamina or interest to update it.

But I know I should start off setting the bar low. Then, I can only improve.


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